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Monday, May 23, 2011

Help For Military Families; Toolkit for Clinicians; Summer Fun Helps Improve Social Performance

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Jerry Komar, M.Ed.

"...people with AS and their families are not alone and can help one another as well as be helped by people who make the effort to understand their difference. And that AS is not just about needing help; it is also about being given the space to be different. In the right environment, people with AS can make remarkably valuable contributions."--Simon Baron-Choen, Ph.D.

With Memorial Day almost upon us, I wanted to take the opportunity to list some of the web sites that help military families who have children with autism.
  • American Military Families Autism Support {AMFAS} is by military families and for military families. They provide information, support, news and many other options for military families dealing with autism. http://update.amfas.org/
  • Operation Autism: A Resource Guide For Military Families is a web-based resource specifically designed to support military families that have children with autism. The web site also provides information on autism and military health care, educating children with autism and additional important resources. I've personally took some time to navigate this site, and it offers a lot of good information. www.operationautismonline.org/
  • Act Today (Autism Care and Treatment Today) For Military Families is a national non-profit whose mission is to raise awareness and provide treatment services to families that cannot afford the treatments and services their children require. www.acttodayformilitaryfamilies.org/
Summer Fun Has A Great Outcome:

A recent treatment program at Canisius College found that "...an innovate multi-component summer social development program to be effective in improving social performance of children with high-functioning autism." The program lasted 5 weeks. 35 children, ages 7-12 years, participated in the clinical trial. 18 children were randomly assigned to receive the summer program and 18 to a wait-list control condition. Treatments included direct instruction, modeling, role-playing and performance feedback. The general findings suggest "that children in the treatment group improved significantly in their understanding of what social skills to use in a range of social situations..." {Source: Institute for Autism Research at Canisius College, Christopher Lopata, PsyD and Marcus Thomeer, PhD}