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Monday, January 7, 2013

How To Support People With Autism?; iSTAR; Can Do Canines

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How To Support People With Autism?

That question is often asked when any parent, teacher, advocate, etc. is faced with supporting and serving an individual or individuals with autism.  The following will help answer that question:

  • Explain at every stage what you are about to do, what will happen next and why.
  • Give the individual enough time to understand the information you are sharing. Wait for a response if you do not get one immediately.
  • Questions must be clear and direct using language that is easy to understand. Use photos and/or pictures when needed.
  • People with autism will often take what you say literally. Be careful with words that have double meanings. Be careful with using humor.
  • Maintain a routine.
  • Repetitive behaviors may be coping mechanisms.
  • People with autism are particularly sensitive to their environment such as lighting, sounds, smell and touch.
  • Try to keep the immediate environment as calming as you can.
  • Always ask the person/parent or advocate what support they might need.
University of Oxford

The iSTAR Program: University of Utah