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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Information And Resources Are At Your Fingertips

Would you like an adventure now or shall we have tea first?  Peter Pan

I usually write about the most recent developments in advocacy for individuals with autism. And since my last posting, there have been some significant studies and interesting reports. For example, a week does not go by with some report of new apps developed to help children with autism both socially and academically. Some of the more recent apps includes Bitsboard,  Model Me Going Places, Aurasma, and Care Circles. Just this past month, I've read more reports of people with autism emerging as an undiscovered workforce. There are other studies showing that girls with autism may need different treatment than boys with autism. WebMD recently reported on research where  new "sensory-focused" treatments are showing a lot of promise.

Instead of reporting on recent developments today, I want to take this opportunity to alert my readers and new readers about the many resources and information available by simply navigating this blog. All too often I hear the same simple question: Where can I get help for my child? Embedded in that question, there are usually several other questions. For example, where can I get funding or financial assistance? Who can help us with our child's inappropriate and aggressive behaviors? What private schools are available and affordable? Can we get in-home services?

Answers to those questions and more can be found on this blog. In addition, the resources on this blog also offer links to countless other sources of information.

Allow me a moment to help you navigate the blog.