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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I Discovered On Twitter & Facebook

"Autism: Forget What We Can't Do...Remember What We Can Do."...Autism Poster

What I Discovered On Twitter And Facebook

Some months ago, I wrote a piece on the plethora of good and useful information I found on Facebook regarding autism. I thought I'd revisit the theme including adding the treasures found on Twitter. Below are examples:
  • Joe Travolta, older brother of John, operates a film camp for children with autism. He's been operating the camp for seven years. Travolta has also partnered with ACT (Autism Care And Treatment) targeting improving awareness and services to military families who have children with autism.

  • Abe's Hearts and Hooves is the creation of 13 year old Abraham Moses. Abe's dream was to create a place where people with disabilities could ride horses and develop self-confidence.
  • In Bartow County, GA, county Sheriff's officers were trained in how to approach individuals with autism. The officers took part in a training class entitled, "Law Enforcement: Your Piece To The Autism Puzzle." In particular, the course focused on the issues of wandering, a majority of calls law enforcement sees.
  • Autism Brainstorm is an interactive online community celebrating the abilities of everyone on and around the autism spectrum. For more information, visit http://www.AutismBrainstorm.org/
  • Science Daily publishes some of the most current pieces surrounding research in autism. Visit http://www.sciencedaily.com/
  • Newark airport program helps children with autism cope with air travel. Called the "Autism Explores" Program, it takes participants through all aspects of the flying experience without leaving the ground. In addition, the program teaches airport personnel about autism.
  • Emirates Airline, the largest Middle East carrier,  trains its cabin crews to understand the needs of passengers with autism and disabilities. The training takes place in cooperation with the Dubai Autism Center.
  • The University of Texas recently announced the development of a new Master's degree program in autism. It's intent is to train more students to assist children with autism.