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Monday, September 16, 2013

Unique Web Sites + Resources For Parents Of Children With Autism; The Physical Effects Of Bullying; Siblings + Autism

Web Sites + Resources For Parents Of Children With Autism

The resources for parents of children with autism are many. Below is a unique list parents should find helpful for information, research, news, latest products and support (from Friendship Circle):

The Physical Effects Of Bullying

We've known about the emotional effects of bullying from depression to anxiety for a long time. But what about the physical effects or manifestations?

According to a review of the literature, the University of Padua in Italy analyzed 30 studies of 219,000 children and adolescents. They found those bullied experienced more headaches, stomachaches, bedwetting and sleep difficulties.

The results of this review indicate psychosomatic effects tied to bullying "are very real." The researchers advise parents to take these symptoms seriously.
Huffington Post

7 Times More Likely To Be Diagnosed