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Monday, August 12, 2013

Back To School Tips; Can A Simple Blood Test Confirm Autism In Infants?; Noteworthy Autism Sites

Getting Ready For School

Preparing to return to school after a long summer vacation can be challenge for both parents and students, especially children with autism. A little preparation can go a long way to make the transition more uncomplicated. Follow some of these tips:
  • Schedule appointments with your family physician for required physicals, health forms and immunization records.
  • Start preparing your child with new bedtimes, waking up earlier and adjusting to new morning routines.
  • Get organized a week before school begins.
  • Meet with your child's new teacher. Review the current IEP. Ask questions now.
  • If your child will be attending a new school, visit the school before school starts with your child. Ask for a tour of the school.  Familiarize your child with his/her new surroundings including classrooms.
  • Remind school officials and teachers you are available to meet with them prior to the beginning of school and after classes begin.
  • When your child returns home after the first day of school, ask him/her how it was in school today. Ask about the teacher. Ask about friends. Ask about the school schedule.
  • Carve out some of your time to help your child with homework.
  • After a week or two, contact your child's teacher and ask the teacher how things are going including problems encountered.
  • Every child adjusts to school differently. It's your job to make that adjustment a smooth one and to help alleviate any anxiety on the part of your child.
Oakland County Moms,  Crozer-Keystone

Can A Simple Blood Test Confirm Autism In Infants?

A research team at the University of San Diego's Autism Centre For Excellence recently announced a breakthrough in the detection of the genetic signature of autism.

Professor Eric Courchesne made the announcement at the Asia-Pacific Autism Conference.

Dr. Couchesne's team scanned the brains and analyzed the blood of 600 children from 12 months to 4 years of age. The team identified several gene networks that are a common thread in the development of autism. In addition, his team identified four gene networks that are a biological signature of autism in babies as young as 12 months. He also announced that a screening blood test is currently being developed.

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