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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some Of The Best Autism Blogs For 2013; Staggering Cost Of Autism For Families; Noise: What Is It Good For?

Autism Is Not A Tragedy. Being Judged Is...Author Unknown

Some Outstanding Autism Blogs For 2013

While there are many good blogs on autism (allow me to add---like this one), we are also fortunate to be rich in the availability of diverse blogs targeting autism.

The following is a list of some of the best blogs on the subject of autism:

  • John Elder Robison
  • Autism From A Father's Point Of View
  • Fighting Monsters With Rubber Swords
  • The Third Glance
  • Just Stimming
  • Asperkids
  • Hope Saves The Day
  • Big Daddy Autism
  • Mostly True Stuff
  • Autism Daddy
  • Anybody Want A Peanut?

Families Can Be Overwhelmed By The Cost Of Autism 

The University of Calgary's School of Public Policy found that the life-long care-giving costs for a child with autism can reach almost $160,000 per year.

"A scan of provincial programs finds a patchwork of unequal and incomplete supports for individuals living with autism spectrum disorders," the report also found.
The Epoch Times

Some Children With Autism React To Noise 

Those of us who have worked with individuals with autism know that many react to noise more than others. A new study by Vanderbilt University may have shown the reason why.

The research shows that, while most people see others talking in sync, for many children with autism there is a delay between what they they see and what they hear, causing them to see speech out of sync. The researchers found that 90% of children with autism have some sort of "auditory processing delay."

The same research found that there are video games and other means available to accelerate the auditory processing so that it gets in sync. See book below on the "Out Of Sync Child."
CBS News

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