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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

LEGOS Improve Social Skills In Children With Autism; Cell Types + Regions Of The Brain Identified In Autism

The Benefits Of LEGOS For Children With Autism

Recent research at the University Of Cambridge found that LEGOS play therapy improves social skills in children with autism. The researches found LEGOS therapy groups encourage collaboration, pretending and non-verbal communication.
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Yale University And UCSF Pinpoint Cell Types And Brain Regions Affected By Autism Gene Mutations

Historically, it's been difficult to target the genetic causes of autism considering several hundred genes have been linked to autism spectrum disorders.

But a new study by researchers at Yale University and UCSF claim to have pinpointed the cell types and brain regions affected by genetic mutations associated with autism. Their findings suggest that new targeted treatment approaches could provide answers.

"Identifying gene variants that boost risk is the step of unraveling disease," said Dr. Daniel Geschwind, an expert in human genetics, neurology and psychology. "We need to figure out where genetic changes occur in the brain...Only then will we understand how mutations cause autism," he added.
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Dr. Doreen Granspeesheh, Ph.D. To Host Free Seminar

Dr. Doreen Granspeesheh, a noted author and expert in autism, will be hosting a free two-hour seminar in Ft. Myers on December 5, 2013, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Edison State College, 8099 College Parkway.

Dr. Granspeesheh's topic will be creating a comprehensive and individualized treatment program for a child with autism.

Contact: D.Plump@centerforautism.com Seating is limited.