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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Are We Underestimating The Potential Of Children With Autism?; Another Source of Information on Autism; The 10 Commandments of Parenting; Suggested Christmas Gifts for Your Child; News You Can Use

"The limits placed on people with autism are those placed on them by others." Jerry Komar, Editor Autism News and Views

Are We Underestimating the Potential of Children with Autism?

That's a question that's being asked more often. A recent piece in Scientific American {"The Hidden Potential of Autistic Kids"} suggests we are.

Rose Eveleth, the author of the piece, points out researchers are beginning to rethink what the potential of children with autism really is. Their conclusion is worthy of additional study. We might actually be underestimating the overall abilities of children with autism (note: many of us in the field, including parents, have believed this for some time). For example, many researchers now believe the data we've been using for decades is faulty. In addition, it appears intelligence testing of children with autism may be one of the reasons. In fact, different tests of intelligence report very different pictures of their potential. The article recounts the experience of Laurent Mottron, a psychiatrist at the University of Montreal. In addition to Mottron's research, he summarizes his own experience growing up with two brothers with autism.

You can access the rest of this study at www.scientificamerican.com/

Another Great Source of Information on Autism

You don't have to look further than The Spectrum Times for another great source of information on autism. All you need to do is visit http://spectrumtimes.blogspot.com/. Do yourself a favor, visit the site today.

The 10 Commandments of Parenting: Moses Missed These

Autism Support Network presented "The 10 Commandments of Parenting A Child With Autism." They include:

  • You Shall Seek Out Therapists. Specifically, seek out Occupational/Speech/Physical therapists and ABA consultants.
  • You Shall Find A Support Group.
  • You Shall Engage in Floor Activities.
  • You Shall Play With Various Weird Textures.
  • You Shall Establish At Least Two Appropriate Toys To Play With.
  • You Shall Limit Your Communication To Two or Three Phrases.
  • You Shall Include Structure At Home.
  • You Shall Hold Hands While Walking in Public Places.
  • You Shall Establish A Play Date (with other children). It's important to ensure your child engages with other peers.
  • You Shall Believe That All Things Are Possible and Never Lose Hope.
Start today. We recognize some of these are easier said than done (as are the real 10 Commandments). Start with a few now and work your way through each one. The outcomes just might surprise you.

Suggested Christmas Gifts For Your Child 

Autism Spectrum Therapies offered up some suggestions for what kind of Christmas gifts to consider for children with autism. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • For children ages 0-3 consider shape sorters, puzzles (wooden, with handles for each piece), and stacking blocks and cups.
  • For children ages 3-5 consider games such as Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Lucky Ducks,  play sets and puppets.
  • For children 5-7 consider toy animals, play kitchen set, and Hot Wheels.
  • For children 7-10 consider radio control cars, Legos, Wii and games (Uno, Scrabble, and Yahtzee to name a few).
By the way, I recently stumbled upon a great resource for toys and other items specifically designed for children with autism and other special needs. Visit http://funandfunction.com/ for more information. Their motto is: "Where Special Needs Is Cool ( Affordable Too)." How can you not like that? When you contact them, please tell them Autism News and Views sent you.

News You Can Use

If you're interested in more news about autism, I'd like to suggest the following articles with headlines that I am confident will make you take a closer look: