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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Start Planning For Your Child's Future Now; Suicide Attempts in Adults with Autism; Facebook Autism Resources

During my entire career serving and supporting individuals with autism, I never obsessed about their disabilities. I obsessed about their abilities...Jerry Komar, Editor, Autism News & Views 

Plan For Your Child's Future Now

Parents often ask teachers and therapists a series of questions regarding transition.  Whether the transition is to secondary school or post-secondary school, the following questions need answers: "How do we start?" "When do we start?" "Who can help us?" These are but a few of countless questions I encountered over the years myself.

The key principles behind all of these questions include 1-being realistic and 2-proper planning. Interdisciplinary teams, with the input from parents, should look at the following:

  • Get a head start on developing and teaching independent living skills and social skills.
  • Ensure your child gets periodic assessments.
  • Review evaluations of your child regularly.
  • Work on teaching self-advocacy skills.
  • Look at vocational educational programs. These programs are excellent pathways to independence and employment opportunities.
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Suicide Attempts In Adults With Autism: Clinical Features

A recent  preliminary study out of Japan found that 7.3% of patients seen for attempted suicide had autism.

"Our results indicate that ASD's should always be a consideration when dealing with suicide attempts in adults, in particular, with males."

In addition, the study found that adults with autism not only  attempted suicide more often, they are also using more serious methods such as cutting/stabbing one's self.

Five-hundred and eighty seven (587) patients with autism were studied. All were 18 years of age and older.

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Facebook Autism Resources

Are you currently looking for additional autism resources (in addition to those found on this blog)? These are the resources I regularly follow on FB, and I find most of them very informative. They are particularly useful for families.

  • Families With Autism Kids
  • Autism Group
  • Autism Family
  • Autismus
  • Autism and Special Needs Action Group
  • Awetism is the New Autism
  • The Ultimate Asperger Supergroup
  • Autism Advocacy (my group)

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