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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Puzzle Pieces Keep Falling Into Place

"See the person not the label."... Dr.Temple Grandin

List Of Recent Developments In Autism Research And News

  • Animals Help Children With Autism Interact Better. A New study out of the University of Queensland in Australia found children with autism increase their positive social behaviors around animals.
  • New Drug To Help Reverse Autism? The University of California is reporting suramin, a drug used to treat sleeping sickness in Africa, corrects autism-like symptoms in mice. Professor Robert Naviaux said, "Of course, correcting abnormalities in mice is a long way from a cure in humans. But we are encouraged enough to test this drug in a small clinical trial of children with autism in the coming year." UK Daily Mail
  • Brain Connections Differ In Children With Autism. Boston Children's Hospital, using EEG's,  found children with autism have structural differences in brain connections to those without autism. Medical News Today
  • Brain Imaging Alone Cannot Diagnose Autism. Researchers from Harvard Medical School caution against heralding the use of brain imaging scans to diagnose autism. Science Daily
  • Researchers Now Able To Detect Autism In Babies. Yale University researchers suggest they are able to detect deficits in social attention in infants as young as six months of age who later develop autism. Psych Central
  • Language Delays Found In Siblings Of Children with Autism: The Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO, reported language delays in siblings of children with autism.

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