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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Does A Baby's Placenta Reveal Autism Risk?; Ways To Communicate With A Non-Verbal Child; Apps For Children With Autism

Don't Underestimate People With Autism. Try To Understand Them Instead. Author Unknown

Autism Risk In Baby's Placenta?

Yale University researchers reported they now have a tool that can tell who is at risk of autism. They reported "abnormal" folds in the baby's placenta may be the key. Researchers claimed that finding a signature in the placenta may hep them better identify the genetics that set the stage for autism and environmental factors that activate it. USA TODAY

Ways To Communicate With A Non-Verbal Child

Just because a child can't speak does not mean he/she has nothing to say. Even children with special needs who have poor communication skills have the same communication needs as other children. Let's examine some of the strategies we can use to increase communication skills.
  • Ensure every communication involves direct eye contact.
  • Experiment with other means of expression such as drawing, music, dance, painting, singing, use of puppets, etc.
  • Use flash cards and social stories.
  • Encourage play and social interaction.
  • Focus on what interests your child.
  • Use non-verbal communication games that are fun.
Friendship Circle and Autism Speaks

Apps For Children With Autism

After asking many parents of children with autism, they suggested the following apps for helping increase social and communication skills as well as being entertaining and fun.
  • Injini: Child Development Suite. $30. Apple
  • Talking Larry. .99 cents. Apple
  • Look Into My Eyes 1. $2.99 Apple
  • Dr. Panda, Teach Me. $1.99 Apple
  • Autism My Voice Communicator.  Android. $2.99
  • IConverse. Iphone + IPad $9.99
  • Stories2Learn. Iphone + Ipad $13.99

For Your Bookshelf

Autism Speaks offers a free Employment Tool Kit to help individuals search, find and keep a job. To access the toolkit, go to: http://www.autismsupportnetwork.com/.