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Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Blood Test Hopes To Diagnose Autism Early; Motor Development Important; Hit The Pool

New Blood Test In Diagnosing Autism Early

The average age of children diagnosed early with autism is now 4. This may soon change. Diagnosing children earlier can get children treatment earlier. The earlier the treatment; the better the outcome.

Emory University researchers in Atlanta, GA, and 20 other universities nationwide have recently joined clinical trials to evaluate blood tests that could diagnose autism as early as 12 months to 2 years old.


Importance Of Motor Development

Studies published in Research In Autism Spectrum Disorders found toddlers and pre-school children with autism having better motor development were better in socializing. In addition, their communication skills were also often better. The researchers studied 233 children between the ages 14 and 49 months.

Hit The Pool

Aquatic therapy appears to help children with autism. Aquatic therapy is gaining prominence as effective recreational treatment for children with autism.

The water environment appears to have many advantages including feeling very comforting to a child with autism. In addition, the aquatic environment provides an appropriate measure of stimulation for the child but is not overwhelming. Since water makes the body much lighter, it reduces stress on the body during aquatic therapy (athletes rehabbing in water have known this for decades).

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